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2021 Calendar - $5
2022 Calendar - $17

Camp Nutimik has a rich history of seasonal camping and lives changed through amazing camp experiences and relationships. Looking back over the years we can’t help but recognize, and get excited about, all that God has done through the programs, people and ministry at Camp Nutimik.

The Calendar project was developed to share these stories, the history, and beauty of Camp Nutimik with those who aren’t on site to experience it for themselves. Through beautiful photos from on site and “Nutimik Nuggets” of fun facts and stories from Camp’s history and programs, we are able to share a glimpse of how amazing and impactful camp ministry is.

The 2021 Calendar publication focused on the beauty, beginnings, and general history of Camp Nutimik.


The 2022 Calendar begins a new journey through the decades, starting with “Camp Nutimik  in the 70s”, with each subsequent calendar year continuing the journey, one decade at a time.

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