What to expect…

While Camp Nutimik maintains a clear identity of being a children’s camp where the Christian faith is taught and practiced, we have no limits on who can come.

  • We love having kids from all kinds of backgrounds join us each week.
  • About 40% of the kids who come to Camp Nutimik are from no church or faith background.
  • All campers are welcome and love the camp community!

Our teaching times (for example, Chapel times) are done in a way that any camper can come and learn without being singled out. Our staff do a great job ensuring that the timing of teaching times, worship and prayer is kept kid-friendly and upbeat. And while all of our campers may not share all of our perspectives on faith, they will certainly learn lots of values that every family can appreciate: honesty, trustworthiness, being loving and caring, etc. During the week campers are given opportunities to ask questions about everything they have learned and decide for themselves what they think about the Christian faith. All we ask is that they are respectful to the greater community, as we will expect the community to respect them.

If you have any questions or if we can help make your child more comfortable, please let us know– we would love to help!