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Classic Camp

“Classic Camp Nutimik” has certain trademarks that have carried over from generation to generation. So, what can I expect from Classic camp? We’re glad you asked!

Great skill activities during the day – archery, canoeing, biking, kayaking, waterfront activities, crafts, newsletter, fishing, and more!

Campfires at Jessies outpost with snacks, skits, singing and a Bible lesson with our camp speaker.

Morning Chapel with singing led by our camp worship team and our camp speaker pointing us to truths from God’s word.

Free time!!! Head down to the waterfront and jump on the water trampoline or get blobbed by your cabin leader, challenge other campers to Torpedo Ball or bring the whole cabin down to take on another cabin at the Gaga Ball Pit. Soccer games (even in the rain), slip’n slide, hanging out in Fort Nutimik… you get the idea…

The Theme activities. Our theme is not just there to make the brochure look fun. The summer theme builds throughout each week and takes you on all kinds of mysteries and adventures during the all camp theme game and reaches an all-time high at the theme meal!

Cabin Time. Half the fun of camp is hanging out with your cabin group. Classic Nutimik takes you on many adventures as a cabin group. From the cook out, to hanging out, to cabin devotions. There are plenty of opportunities to develop friendships to last a lifetime!

The Carnival. Camp Nutimik’s very own carnival where you combine your cabin’s Nutimik Bucks with the tickets you earn at the game booths to dunk our camp staff in the Dunk Tank. Step right up… and give it your best shot!

Classic Camps include::

-Junior Mini & Junior Mini Day Camp* (Ages 7 – 9)
-Junior & Junior Day Camp* (Ages 9 – 11)
-Middle Years (Ages 11 – 13)
-Intermediate (Ages 12 – 14)
-High School (Ages 14 – 17)

*Day Camp – If you are living or camping in the area, Day Camp might be a great option for you! Come to camp for breakfast and leave after our evening fireside. If you’re not up for an overnight camp experience, this still gives you all the camp fun during the day and some family time in the evening and the opportunity to sleep in your own bed at night.

We recognize that many people struggle with dietary restrictions, but this is no reason to miss an opportunity to experience summer camp! Camp Nutimik is a nut free environment and offers celiac, dairy-free, pork free and vegetarian meal options.


Outdoor Adventures

Sometimes it just takes a little more time outdoors to find your next adventure…

While the majority of our classic camp activities onsite, these programs take you to places off property to experience the great outdoors in ways you can’t on camp property.

Water Adventures at Waterski Camp

At waterski camp we take you down the river where you spend the whole day out on the water. With boats and docks and even a jump you will reach new heights in your waterski and wakeboarding abilities. It doesn’t stop there… we’ll let you have some fun tubing too! The docks provide the perfect place for lunch, rest and chapel on the lake.

-Waterski Camp (Ages 14 – 17)

The water ski coaches take time for one-on-one instruction based on your ability and will help you grow your skill and love for the sport all week! It is amazing the life lessons that are learned out on the docks through skill instruction, Bible study and quality time as a group. There is no previous water ski experience required.

The fun doesn’t stop when you come off the lake. Evening activities like fireside and cabin time will take you through the evening. The shimmering water is awaiting your arrival!



Wilderness Adventure Canoe Trips

This is Camp Nutimik’s original adventure program! For the past 30 years, Camp Nutimik has provided life-changing wilderness tripping opportunities for children, youth and their families in local wilderness areas such as the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Every one of our trips takes campers on a personal journey of challenge, discovery, and growth. With the serenity and simplicity of wilderness travel we focus daily time to study the Bible and have important discussions about life and faith, as well as create space to reflect on our life and purpose. Every one of our trips has a unique focus and rewarding outcome.

Outpost Canoe Trips – A long lasting wilderness tripping experience! We introduce campers to base camping away from the distractions of modern life. These trips focus on simplistic base camping with a few days to explore, fish, and learn important camping skills. We create a lot of space for free play and allow the surroundings to be our educator. Trip leaders provide insight into the land, hidden natural treasures, and local history.

-Outpost – Seagrim Lake (Ages 12 – 14)
-Outpost – Malloy Lake (Ages 13 – 15)

Explorer Canoe Trips – These intermediate level wilderness experiences introduce experienced campers to a daily routine of packing up camp and travelling deeper through the wilderness. Along the way we encounter wildlife, pristine lakes and rivers, and the simplicity that travelling with basic items can bring. This trip takes us through the heart of the historic Whiteshell Park along its namesake river. We will paddle through the iconic Caddy Lake Tunnels and camp along the remote shorelines and islands of the boreal forest. 4

-Explorer – Whiteshell River (Ages 14 – 16)

Family Adventures

Camp Nutimik’s Parent Child Canoe trips are a highlight for many families who journey out with us every year. We are really excited about the Parent Child canoe trips that we are building into our Family Adventures programming for 2020! So, this summer, load up the car and take the family tenting, because next summer there will be some new family canoe trips waiting for you! 

*Trip Gear – It is important to us that all our campers are equally prepared for their trips, so a basic gear pack is provided for each camper on the canoe trips which includes a dry bag, foam pad and water bottle. 


Leadership Camps

Developing and nurturing leadership skills is key to our camping program.
Most of our future staff come up through our leadership programs, but these camps help
young people develop skills applicable to a multitude of situations. 

Step Up!  – Get ready to step it up in this one week program for ages 14-16! It’s time to reach high, dream big, grow stronger in faith and character, love and honor God with your life and find your joy through Jesus Christ. In Step Up, we focus on becoming the best we can be; as leaders, as believers in Christ, in our daily life… it’s about doing hard things, recognizing your leadership potential and being real with God – It’s time to “keep it real” like Jesus did. This will be a week of camp you will never forget!

Step In! (a program which extends your experience from Step Up! to the next level) – Step in to new camp challenges in this new two week program for ages 15-16. Your group will learn about just what it means to become a leader at Camp Nutimik and develop new leadership skills through practical, onsite service opportunities. We will also explore what the Bible teaches about spiritual disciplines and growing fruit in our life. Be challenged, grow in your faith and experience how disciplines develop spiritual fruit and prepare you for service.

Step Out!  – It’s time to step out of life as a camper and join our Camp Nutimik staff family! For ages 16-17. Receive certifications in first aid and skills, practical leadership and spiritual training, and more. Through training and mentor-ship you will be well on your way to becoming a great camp leader!

Please Note: The Step Out! program is essentially an introduction to being staff as the complete program includes 2 additional weeks of summer service, Applicants will be interviewed as part of the entire application process. Also, candidates must be aged 16 as of JULY 1 for this program. 



Thanks to the generosity of donors, we have a designated financial assistance fund for youth in need. Throughout the year grants are made from this fund to ensure all youth have the opportunity to experience the excitement of our camps.

Camperships are available for campers, as well as those in our Leadership camps.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we have a designated financial assistance fund for youth in need. Throughout the year grants are made from this fund to ensure all youth have the opportunity to experience the excitement of our camps.

The Sunshine Fund is designed to help children experience the benefits of a camp like Camp Nutimik. Camper subsidies are available through the Manitoba Camping Association. Simply indicate on your camp registration that you have applied to the Sunshine Fund and we will work with them to complete your registration. For more information on the Sunshine Fund and to apply click here.


We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience Camp Nutimik and funds for camperships have been made available through friends of Camp Nutimik. The purpose of our Camp Nutimik Campership Fund is to provide some financial assistance to those parents and guardians who are unable to pay the total camp fee. Download our Camp Nutimik Campership application here…


What to expect…

While Camp Nutimik maintains a clear identity of being a children’s camp where the Christian faith is taught and practiced, we have no limits on who can come.

  •  We love having kids from all kinds of backgrounds join us each week.
  • About 40% of the kids who come to Camp Nutimik are from no church or faith background.
  • All campers are welcome and love the camp community!

Our teaching times (for example, Chapel times) are done in a way that any camper can come and learn without being singled out. Our staff do a great job ensuring that the timing of teaching times, worship and prayer is kept kid-friendly and upbeat. And while all of our campers may not share all of our perspectives on faith, they will certainly learn lots of values that every family can appreciate: honesty, trustworthiness, being loving and caring, etc. During the week campers are given opportunities to ask questions about everything they have learned and decide for themselves what they think about the Christian faith. All we ask is that they are respectful to the greater community, as we will expect the community to respect them.

If you have any questions or if we can help make your child more comfortable, please let us know– we would love to help!