Camp Nutimik’s Facilities

Our camp is situated 115km northeast of Winnipeg on provincial Road #307 in the middle of thousands of acres of forests, lakes and rivers in Manitoba’s picturesque Whiteshell Provincial Park. Or site is located on the shore of Lake Nutimik, which is a part of the Winnipeg River System. It’s location gives the ideal opportunity for both summer and winter recreation, outdoor education and wilderness experiences that only a camp setting can provide.

Program Options

Camp Nutimik offers a large amount of recreational options varying by season. Summer options include:
the Waterfront (swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, water trampoline), Fort Nutimik Play Structure, Outdoor Campfire-Cook Pits,Hiking Trails, Nature Walks, Outdoor Sports (volleyball, soccer, baseball, archery),as well as Indoor Sports (floor hockey, bouldering, and foosball).Winter options include: the Tube Slide,
Ice Skating, Hockey, Broom Ball, Ice Fishing, as well as Indoor Sports (floor hockey, bouldering, and foosball).

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The Lakeside Hall
This modern building offers a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, washrooms, showers, laundry room canteen,infirmary, fireplace, piano, audio/visual equipment, recreational area and a spectacular view of Lake Nutimik. With a dining capacity of 200, this facility offers maximum flexibility.

The House on the RockThe House on the Rock
This self-contained lodge overlooks the lake and accommodates up to 46 people. The combination dining/meeting area with fireside and deck is perfect for
large groups or a smaller more intimate gathering.
The House on the Rock also features a fully-equipped
kitchen, washrooms and showers.

The cabins each have 5 bunk beds accommodating 10 people per cabin. There are 9 cabins in total which means there is room for 90 people all together. Each cabin is individually heated for winter, and has a large fan to circulate air in the hot summers.
A great space for large group sessions, teaching or worship times. During the summer months it is used for our chapel times and large group gatherings. It is also heated and air conditioned making it a comfortable place to be in all seasons.
Athletic Field
Open year round our Athletic field is large enough for a healthy game of soccer, football or any other field game you can think of. There are two permanent soccer goal posts in place at either end with more than ample room to run around. Our volleyball court is great and our gaga pit is huge.
Fort Nutimik
The Fort Nutimik is the largest of its kind in Manitoba
and one of the biggest in all of Canada.There are swings, slides, monkey bars,table games,climbing towers and much more.
Jessie’s Outpost
This is a enclosed fire pit seating area with a stage and ample seating for large groups while still creating an intimate setting for those reflective and emotional times around a fire.
The Retreat
This is a a cedar gazebo with both a screened in area and a deck platform overlooking the lake. It is great for those quiet personal times, for small groups looking to meet in a sheltered area outside or for a picnic on the deck overlooking the lake on a hot sunny day.
Ice Rink
Available in the winter (of course!) is the outdoor ice rink.
It is great for putting together a game of hockey or broomball with a large group.
Tube Slide
The Great Camp Nutimik winter tube slide is not to be missed. This slide goes from high up on the top of the shore down to the frozen lake below. It is hours of fun for all ages, so hold on tight!.
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