Leadership Steps

Developing and nurturing leadership skills is key to our leadership programs. The majority of our staff come up through our leadership programs which are foundational to their success as leaders at camp and then continue to use and build on their skills outside of camp in a variety of environments (work, school, church, missions opportunities, home life, among peers, and others). 

Each Leadership program builds on the last – growing these campers in their leadership skills ONE STEP AT A TIME…


Step Up & Become (Ages 14 – 16)

Get ready to step it up! It’s time to reach high, dream big, grow stronger in faith and character, love and honor God with your life and find your joy through Jesus Christ. Step Up focuses on becoming the best you can be; as a leader, as believer in Christ, in our daily life… it’s about doing hard things, recognizing your leadership potential and being real with God. It’s time to “keep it real” like Jesus did. This will be a week of camp you will never forget!

Step In & Behold (Ages 15 – 16)

Step in to new camp challenges and learn about becoming a leader at Camp Nutimik while developing leadership skills through practical, onsite service opportunities. You will also step in to God’s Word, exploring what the Bible teaches about spiritual disciplines and growing spiritual fruit in your life. Be challenged, grow in your faith and experience how disciplines develop spiritual fruit and prepare you for service.

Step In is a 2-week long program with 1 or more weeks of service during the summer program with opportunity to earn Leadership Bucks.

Step Out & Let God Use You (Ages 16 – 17)
Candidates must be age 16 as of July 1 to qualify for this program.

It’s time to step out of life as a camper and join our Camp Nutimik staff family. Receive certifications in first aid and skills, practical leadership and spiritual training, and more. Through training and mentorship, you will be well on your way to becoming a great camp leader!

Step Out is a 3-week long program with the opportunity to serve on staff during the remainder of the summer program.


Acceptance into the Leadership Steps programs is subject to application and interview process. Preference given to previous leadership steps campers as applicable. Service weeks are not guaranteed but are offered upon successful completion of the program and based on availability and on camp needs.

Training hours can be used towards volunteer hours for school applications and work places. References are available upon request.